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Well, well, well....Hello There!

Fancy meeting you here!  Take off your shoes and  make yourself comfy and  cozy, while I briefly tell you about myself in hopes that I won't bore you to tears. 

After years of competing in gymnastics, I decided to hang up the ol' leotard (or it what you will) and follow my passion for performing arts.

I received my BFA in Acting from Northern Kentucky University, which is where I discovered my undying love for improv!  So, what did I do after graduation?... Go to the ridiculously Artic climate, but oh so lovely city, of Chicago to train at Improv Olympic.  I absolutely loved every minute of my training in Chicago, but I still had a craving that could no longer go unnoticed.  I wanted to learn the intricate techniques of acting and explore any and all uncharted territory on stage and in film.   Sooo.... off to graduate school I went!

I am so proud to say that in June 2012, I graduated with my Masters in Performing Arts with an emphasis in Acting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA.  

Upon graduation, I have jumped headfirst- no parachute, no backups, no safety nets- into the exciting world of  professional acting.  That's right... I file my tax return as a professional actor now!  Sorry Mom, no medical or law degree's for me.  It's just me, taking on the rest of the world, one booking at a time. 

Elizabeth Byland

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