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Improv for Seniors


Students will be taught the fundamentals of improvisation through fun and energizing games that will encourage them to break outside of their comfort zones and embrace their inner kid again!


To transform and empower the lives of the senior members in our growing community by providing a safe atmosphere that encourages those ages 55 and up to create, play, laugh, connect, let loose, and try something new while practicing mental stimulation and flexibility, utilizing the techniques and ensemble play of improv. ​


To bridge the generational gap and give those of this age demographic a place to create and explore like a kid again.

Expose this generation to the cognitive benefits of improv.

Provide a new educational and artistic experience to the Senior members of our community.

Create and help establish new connections and friends.

Reinvigorate the mind and body, while enhancing both verbal and nonverbal communicational skills.

Interested in taking a class?

Head on over to Comedy Connects: Improv for Seniors for a full list of upcoming classes and events! 

Interested in learning more about Improv for Seniors or booking a workshop/ class?  Fill out the form below!

Thank you so much for your inquiry! I will respond within 24 hours.

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