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Recent Projects

Feel free to browse all of my latest projects in film, tv, and music. 

Upcoming Releases:

Feature Film

"Second Time Around"- PureFlix Release Jan 2023

Commercial: "Orchard: Conspiracy Theory"

Film Reel

Commercial: "Carando Meats: Potluck"

Film Clip: "All We Got"

Commercial Reel: Full Length

Our State Magazine

"Around Town" Series

Southport, NC

Roanoke Island, NC

Hillsborough, NC

Southern Pines, NC

Highlands, NC

Beaufort, NC

Our State Magazine

"Best- Kept Secrets in the Triangle


Commercial C.P.I. Security 

HgTV - "Home Comfort


Still images from HgTV DIY Download "Home Comfort".  Full commercial can be found at

Tumbling Demo

30 Day Character Challenge- All Improv!

Music Video Director

Recently, I have had the privilege of working with a tremendous musician who plays under the name Sincerely, Iris.  His sound inspired a creative vision that led to our collaboration.  Feel free to check out more of his music at





Commercial Reel

A collection of my most recent commercials and professional hosting positions.  Enjoy!

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